Say it aight so .What is this? ... =3&theater

My first dry hopping experience, I was close to the neck of 5 gallon carboy before adding dry hops but i thought they would jsut sink and nothign would happen. I came home to my air lock filled with beer and and the hops just clumped at the top.
I hope its not some sort of infection.If you cant see in picture its a ghostly white kinda stuff clinging to the sides of carboy

Yeast, pollen, plant matter, something of that sort. Might want to try and get those hops to submerge, that can be a pain in a carboy. I suggest buckets. :slight_smile:

As far as an infection, from what I’ve read, hops wont carry anything that will harm your beer. How does it taste/smell?

Anyone know what it is?