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Is anyone going to be at savor in DC tomorrow?

What is savor

Not too much time for talking about beer but could be a great social event to attend as a group. I don’t like visiting large cities or liking large city prices.

SWMBO heard about the event from some podcast she follows, I forget which one. Anyway, she really wanted to attend. When the wife wants to go to a craft beer festival, you say “yes” (right after, “are you just teasing me?”)

It sounds like a swanky beer fest, with foo-foo food on the side. Other than having to be in D.C. I don’t see what’s not to like.

Wonder if Donald will be there

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He doesn’t drink. I learned from my father to never trust someone who doesn’t drink.


I learned from being a contractor never trust a real estate developer


^^^^ Especially ones with comb over hair! Sneezles61

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Please lets keep it light with politics gang. If it is all in fun no problem. If it gets serious, it gets deleted. So far so good.

So we got samples from 54 of the 87 breweries over 2 evenings. Every one of them brought their A-game. There was a surprising percentage of sours, which were all pretty awesome. Great beer, good food, awesome fun. Of course, there was a drunk dude hitting on my wife the first night. The second night there was a drunk lady, that my wife says was hitting on me; but I think the drunk lady was also hitting on my wife. Also, my liver may be applying for a transplant.

Best name ever for a brewer: Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery. They’re from Goochland VA, so cue up the juvenile snickering. Even better than their name was their beer. And apparently they grow their own hops…

Exit gift was a bottle of Baltic Porter; a collaboration between New Belgium, and Hardywood.

Wife’s sister and brother in law offered me a trip to Rochester, MN for a one night beer event. Usually after three different samples of beer my palate is done for as far as tasting the nuances of a beer. How did you do it?

I don’t usually empathise with wine people, but I have had this experience at beer tastings:

This one had food pairings to go with the beers, they were supposed to be fancy-pants gourmet offerings, braised elk with pepitas, in mole sauce, for example, but just having a little something helps reset the palette.

Also, and maybe I’m just kidding myself here, it seems like the sours don’t wreck your pallet as much as IPAs. One strategy we employ when a brewer has two different beers is that the wife will take one, and I’ll get the other, then we each share. At one point we had 2 IPAs and honestly couldn’t tell the difference, so yea the palette does get a bit numb. I had a couple Pilsners that seemed tasteless. But yea, by the end you’re just “this is the best ever, no, THIS is the best ever…”

I get a kick out of people in the tasting room of a local micro. They have 6 or 8 on draft and ask what you would like to try. Some people try the biggest IPA they brew, then the wheat or fruit beer. The staff just smiles. They usually have crackers or some kind of munchies to cleanse the palette though.

It’s tough a beer fests to really enjoy trying a lot of brews you never have had and getting a good knowledge of what ones you really like. A 4oz sample isn’t much but 20 or 30 4oz samples… Yup they all start to taste pretty good. I always get a ride BTW.

My wife and I used to go to them… it was basically liver assault time… Even just a sip here and there… wasn’t long, well top that sucker up! I truly will say that the stand that had the randallizer… I WOULDN’T LEAVE !!! :dizzy_face: Sneezles61

One of the beer fests my local micro had a table. I needed (OK wanted) another pint glass with their logo on it and bought one. After that they proceeded to fill the pint with their barley wine for me. Not pretty after that one. We haven’t been going for a while either. Some of them are a mob scene and there is always need for a ride home. Just getting Uber this summer here.


We saw where the young BOYS kicking each other in the … sweets… Very disgusting! One young lad laid on the ground for a long time!!! That isn’t what beer fest are for or about… Dip sticks… Sneezles61

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