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Saving overcarbonated bottles

I overcarbonated 50 bottles and think they will all spew badly . How can l save the contents? Some in Grolsch bottles, rest in good old refillable bottles. I drink one with a meal so maybe chilling just short of freezing, one at a time might work? Any better ideas?

Well you don’t want them to blow so I would keep them cold. I’ve had luck recapping

Get them super cold freezing temps. Then pop the topthe foam will blow off and recap them.

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With the capped bottles, put the bottle in a bowl, crack open the cap just enough to release pressure and a bit of foam, and give it twenty minutes to reduce pressure. The bowl catches whatever spewed out so you don’t waste the beer. Be careful that a bottle doesn’t explode causing bodily harm. I agree with @brew_cat to keep them cold. These bottles at warm temperatures could be dangerous. There could still be fermentables left for the yeast to consume leading to even higher pressures.

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