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Sanyo mini refrigerator conversion

So I think ive created a monster!

Well not really… Brewing beer is becoming addicting. I’m only one week in and I am already finding a way to expand my project.

I was googling and craigslisting on how I can create a kegarator, and I came across a Sanyo 4.3 or 4.5 cuft fridge. Model SR-4310N its perfect and can fit one pepsi keg and possible a c02 tank.


I found a weight plate that was the exact size of a pespi keg.

After going on youtube and trying to find how to convert this fridge in to a kegarator, I needed to move the freezer out of the way but this model is discontinued and has the pipe located inside of the fridge.

I went to Home depot and asked how I can bend this pipe without kinking it or breaking it, and the guy said I can use the pipe bender which worked out perfectly

Now I can proceed with drilling the hole to install the tower tap (Which is on order)

To be continued … :cheers:

suggestions comments, and questions are welcome!!

More pictures…

My first kit

Caribou Slobber Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

My first Hyrdo reading

Good work. Welcome to the obsession known as home brewing! Around the wife though, it’s a “hobby”!

thanks holaday1185 :cheers:

Yeah My wife does not understand but she will once she tries this delicous brew!!

Final Product!!

The monster is complete!!

I named her Keegan!

Imperial blonde ale on the left ( keg beer)

caribou slobber brown ale on right

Nice work.

FWIW…I have 6 kegs in my “kegerator” that runs off the same size fridge… :mrgreen:

Nice, except for the NFL team clock you have on the wall. Die hard fan but with the way this season has gone and the current drama, I am just over them.

Agree!! Ive been for 27 years (Im 27 years old) and it has been no surprise with the exception of last year but hey there is always next year, and the year after that and the year after that!!

Die hard fan as well!

[quote=“Lovenbeer”]Nice work.

FWIW…I have 6 kegs in my “kegerator” that runs off the same size fridge… :mrgreen: [/quote]

PIC or it didn’t happen Lovenbeer

It’s been forever since thisbwas posted but can you tell me how far back from the front or back you drilled your hole in the top? What did you use 3” hole saw? I have the same fridge and I’m getting ready to drill the top hole. Any help you could provide would be awesome

Put yer mug of beer on the top… Then just position the tap tower accordingly… Sneezles61

Damn, i couldn’t even imagine thing like this can be done. Nice job actually, you are a handy person indeed. Me personally could never done something like that as i do like drinking beer, but never wanted to spent so much time and resources on that. Once, i was thinking about brewing on my own, opened google, typed kegerator for sale and…the end of my own brewing story.
Hope you won’t end up like that.

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