Sankey keg with false bottom as a boil kettle

I recently started using a converted keg as a boil kettle however when I put the false bottom and dip tube in and tested it I noticed that it left way over a gallon in the bottom. I was wondering if using a pump would draw more out or would it lose prime?

Why would you need a false bottom in your brew pot? Are you doing biab? And yes a pump would drain to the bottom of your dip tube.

I orginally bought it for the possability of using it as a mash tun later on if I wanted to and figured it would be useful for keeping a little bit of the break material out of me fermenter. But i figured out what I was doing wrong when I tested it… I didn’t have a hose connected. Once I did that the kettle drains leaving only about 1/2 cup in the bottom. I feel dumb now. but thanks for responding

Yes the hose makes it a syphon so it will draain

Yes, we all have that moment. Like the time I…… never mind, Sneezles61