Sanitizing in a pinch

So, I moved recently and thought I had all my brewing stuff in one place. Turns out that was not the case, and the only thing I can’t find is my sanitizing powder.

In a pinch is it OK to just boil the equipment, or is there something else I can use?

I do not have a home brewing shop anywhere close to me.

google “charlie talley” bleach vinegar podcast.

It’s been a long while, but standard procedure when I started brewing was using bleach water followed by a good rinse. Then I moved on to iodine sanitizers which also require rinse. Never had problems with it, but it’s now so convenient to use the no rinse sanitizers that I can’t imagine going back except in a pinch. But, if you are in a pinch and sounds like you are this will work. I just can’t remember how much to mix, info might be online in John Palmer’s brewing book. It was certainly in C Papazian’s “Joy of Hombrewing”.

I used bleach for years before discovering StarSan. Dave Miller recommended 2 Tbls. to 1 gal water, then rinse with hot tap water.
A few years back there was a post about bleach/vinegar. I believe it was Nighthawk mentioning Charlie Talley.