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Sanitize liquid post?

Hi Everybody. I have my first kegged batch of beer and everything has gone smooth - I’m really enjoying the new world of kegging after bottling for 2.5 years. I’m going to fill some bottles today with the Last Straw and a couple questions popped into my head… Do I need to be sanitizing the OUT post before putting on quick connects? When I take the current quick connect off the OUT post should I let it soak in sanitizer while using the bottle filler?

I know these are rookie questions but I’m a kegging rookie. Thank you!

I sanitize the post and the quick-disconnect. I also sanitize my car before I haul yeast home from the brew shop.


I pretty much spritz the whole top of the keg down with my spray bottle of Star San and dunk the disconnects anytime I’m hooking up gas or liquid lines on the keg. My thought is cheap insurance. :sunglasses:


Well, now lets be simple… Your finished brew is a low pH… That in its self will snuff out bugs… I really don’t think there is a fancy gizmo out there that will be better than your brew being satisfactory carbed… Then turn off the pressure, pour a pint, maybe another partial to empty the pressure of your cold keg, attach a piece of hose then fill the bottles with close to 3 psi pressure… D U N… Return to serving pressure and quaff!! Sneezles61

This. and I spray the QDs too…usually…haha…if you forget just drink it faster!

I never even thought about it so I have never sanitized the post. Never had a problem either. When I’m cleaning up the keg for the next fill then sure, wash it too.

At that stage of the game you beer will be 5% alcohol or so. That should help keep out some of the nasties.


Thank you for your replies everyone.

Same…here and there i have sprayed it with starsan…but not religiously.

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I’ve never sprayed mine… When racking, the QD soaks in star san before I use… that it. Sneezles61

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