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Sanitization and the Wort Aeration System

I’m looking for opinions on sanitizing the hoses used with the Northern Brewer Wort Aeration System. The instructions say to sanitize both hoses before use so I soak them in Star*San.

I have sometimes had a problem where the amount of air coming through the stone seems cut down to almost nothing. My theory is that the filter gets wet because sanitizer in the hose from the pump is wetting the filter and cutting the air flow.

I am considering not sanitizing that smaller diameter hose which runs from the pump to the filter. The filter is in place to catch contaminants coming from that section of hose. I would still sanitize the hose that goes from the filter to the stone.

Any thoughts?

I think I’d sanitize it all and give it time to dry. Your wort is at its most susceptible. You can hang the tubing to drain and dry and put sanitized paper towels or foil over the top ends.

Are you speaking of aeration system?. If so, if you get the filter wet you are correct in that oxygen will not flow through it.

As @WMNoob said, if you sanitize the tubing allow it to drip dry then connect it all.

You’ll need to replace the filter and start over.

Also, I looked at the directions. When I use my stone I do the following after use:

  1. Fill sauce pan with water
  2. add stone with air source attached and on
  3. place in sauce pan and bring to a boil
  4. boil for 10 mins
  5. remove from heat and let cool a bit
  6. store stone in a zip lock bag

The air pushing through the stone while boiling promotes any wort to be pushed out,

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I gave up on this system after 2 uses. I’d rather shake than have another thing to clean.

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I know how you feel. Brewing is cleaning. That’s why I try to use my IC as often as I can vs. a CFC and pump. Rinse off, dry, done. Beats the 15 mins of recirculating PBW through it, then clean water, then sanitizer…

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Even handling the diffuser stone with your fingers will gumpucky that sucker up… Why not just pull the stone off, and pump air into your wort? Sneezles61

More bubbles = greater surface area. Since the bubbles rise and break so fast there is very little time for oxygen to be absorbed. Big bubbles are next to useless as a result, and added to that uselessness only 20% of the room air you are pumping is oxygen.

I realize that… Even just sitting there, it will absorb O2… Sounds like a PITA at times to use the stone… Relieve stress when brewing… remove the stone! :grin: Sneezles61

Yeah I still look at my stone and get mad at it. “Don’t touch it but keep it sanitary” should have been warning words when I bought it at the LHBS.

You could improve your pump system by putting nitrogen absorbing zeolite pellets as a prefilter. They put these in Oxygen concentrators for people who need medical oxygen devices.

Although this is true many breweries still use filtered air because it’s more predictable time wise vs pure O2.

And less expensive I suppose

Just hold the hose higher above the fermenter… Thats the only air I add anymore… Sneezles61

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