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Sampled a coffee chocolate porter

Picked up two new beers yesterday. Fiddler, an oatmeal stout brewed by Potosi in Potosi, WI and Perky Porter, a milk chocolate coffee porter by Stillmark in Green Bay. The oatmeal stout will be tasted later today.

I was surprised by the coffee aroma coming out pouring the porter. The aroma was everywhere. Also surprised by the lack of bite some porters, and stouts, have by the over use of roasted ingredients. The roast bite always left a bad taste in the back of the mouth even though the taste on the forward part of the tongue was really good. This porter is a very pleasant drinking beer.

I had two pints before supper. My usual bloody mary while fixing supper. Felt overly sleepy after supper. Checked the Perky Porter can, 7% ABV.

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I really am not much for coffee infused brews… As for the bitterness, seems there is a new technique coming about with adding the dark roast and such at the tail end of the mash… As for the horse power and sleepiness, an added tribute some times, especially in the dark days of winter!! Sneezles61

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