Sam Adams Noble Pils

I am a new brewer and have just started with 5 gallon batches. I did a few MR. BEER recipes but I feel I can get much better results with these 5 gallon batches. I am a huge sam adams fan. Love the boston lager but love their Noble Pils the most. Anyone have a recipe for this or something that may be similar. Take in mind that I have to use extract to brew this beer. Thanks

Based on a little research, here is seriously exactly what I would do for 5 gallons (extract based), even though I’ve never brewed it before.

Sam Adams Noble Pils Clone

4.75 lb Extra Light Dry Malt Extract
1.25 lb Cane Sugar
1 oz Hallertauer (4.4% alpha, 15 minutes)
1 oz Hersbrucker (4% alpha, 15 minutes)
1 oz Tettnanger (4.5% alpha, 15 minutes)
1 oz Saaz (3.5% alpha, 15 minutes)
1 oz Spalt (4.5% alpha, 15 minutes)
2124 Bohemian Lager Yeast

First make a huge one-gallon sized yeast starter at OG=1.035 at least 4 days ahead of brewing the real batch, and let those yeast beasts multiply. Then decant off the liquid and have your yeast ready to roll.

This beer only needs a 15-minute boil, and will use the hop-burst method of hopping since it is such a highly hopped beer. Bring 5.25 gallons water with all the extract and sugar to a boil, then add all the hops right away. Boil 15 minutes. You’re done with that part. (Easy, right?!) Then cool to lagering temperature of 48 F, pitch the yeast, and let it ferment at 48 F for about 3 weeks. And you’re ready to keg or bottle. No secondary fermenter is necessary, no dry hops necessary. Prime as normal if bottling (I use 5/8 cup of cane sugar, or you can use 2/3 cup corn sugar). Voila. Not too hard to make.

If you try this, please let me know how close it comes to the real thing. Should be really really close, in my best estimation. There’s not a lot to this beer besides the extreme noble hops.

EDIT: Ooh, one more important thing. Make sure you use all distilled water. Very important. Distilled water. Or if you have RO water, that would be fine too. No salt additions are required – the extract has all the salt you need.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and another thing. Condition at least 3 weeks in the bottles in the 60s Fahrenheit before chilling it down. There could be some diacetyl (buttery flavor) in the beer for the first few weeks after bottling/kegging. Don’t worry – it normally disappears after about 3-4 weeks of conditioning. This is a beer that will mellow nicely with a little age – I think it will taste optimal at around 2-3 months of age… if it lasts that long! Good luck.