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Sam Adams Grapefruit IPA grapefruit amount

It says real grapefruit but not how much. I’m not supposed to have grapefruit while taking statins, (cholesterol medicine) So how much do you suppose they use? I tried it the other day without even thinking about it and no side affects. Even had a few since it’s not bad. Then with beer induced smarts realized I can’t have grapefruit.

Supposedly the risk is greater with some statins but mine, atorvastatin is not one. I’ll give a call to my Dr.'s office Monday and ask. Until then just stick with good old hops and no fruit.

BTW I did try the old fashion method of cutting down on fatty foods, exercise and lose weight, didn’t help.

Great! Now I can ditch this green bean diet and indulge again!! I’m free!! Bacon cheeseburger tonight! Sneezles61

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Tons of fiber helped my cholesterol…plenty of omega 3’s…and whole fat dairy products from cows that are grass fed…but then i found beer and nutrition is on the sideline :grinning:


I was diagnosed a long time ago with the cholesterol problem. Was very careful to read labels and check fat content, cut down on the red meat, got some exercise and lost 35lbs. Went back for my blood test and bingo! It went up :rage:

Put back some of the weight thanks in part to some good beer. I’m not as careful with the food but with the medicine my numbers stay around 200. The doc says that is not bad. I forget to mention the dozen wings at happy hour a few nights before. Do try to ride either the exercise bike or the regular one. We go for walks with the dog a minimum of three times a day.

So back to the grapefruit. There seems to be some question from what I have read about the affects of eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice with statins. How much and if it is at the same time as taking the meds isn’t nailed down either. So far after the Sam Adams I haven’t had any but no sense pushing my luck. For those of you that are brewing a citrus IPA with grapefruit juice, how much do you add?

Sucks getting old. Me high blood pressure meds. Watch what i eat. But. Beer wise. Will not leave the nectar of the gods alone. Any way. Did brew a ten gal. Heffenweisen. Few weeks again. Did add grapefruit. About. 42 grams. Flav did come out well. 20 min before end of boil did add the muslinbag with grape fruit

42 grams is about 1.5 oz.? If that is even close to the ration Sam Adams uses I can’t imagine it would be a problem. Yes it sucks getting old but is better than the alternative.

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There must be something special in grapefruit…i see warnings for it on a lot of med commercials.

So, I had a conversation with Dr. Google, who said grapefruit juice + statins is bad because the furanocoumarins, whatever they are, in the juice change the way the body absorbs the drug in the intestines.
I presume you take the drugs in the morning?
I presume you drink the beer in the evening?
So the two aren’t in your belly at the same time! No problems!

Also, when I add grapefruit to beer, I use the zest, not the juice. Not sure what Sam does… I’m not sure if there’s any of those pesky furanocoumarins in the zest, so maybe even less problem.

Still, see if an actual doctor comes to the same conclusion first…

Beats the alternative.

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I agree, can’t jump as high, can’t run as fast, can’t even lift as as much… Now I don’t fill my pint all the way … :yum: Sneezles61

No. I am supposed to take them at night. “Most manufacturers of statins recommend that they are taken at night, on the basis of physiological studies which show that most cholesterol is synthesised when dietary intake is at its lowest.”

Still have to wonder if the small amount in SA grapefruit would make a difference. For now I will just quit drinking it. Will have a Dr. appointment coming up so I’ll quiz him.

I never really like grapefruit or grapefruit juice but it is good in the IPA.

Then you could just drink the Sam Adams in the morning! Problem solved.


Nothing like some grapefruit juice in the AM!! Sneezles61

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