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Sam Adams Double Agent IPL

So I’m guessing this one is supposed to be an IPA/Lager combo? Golden color and a foamy head despite the low carbonation. Really no hop aroma to speak of. Now…maybe I got a bad bottle or something…but this one had a very low hop presence with a BMC flavor profile. This was followed by a sour flavor, but I’m not sure that is intentional. Not sour like a brett yeast but sour like old milk. I ended up dumping this one.

you must of got a bad one, i had a 6’er awhile back and couldn’t get enough of it. didn’t notice any sourness or off flavors. thought it was very good. and yea, it is an india pale lager.

Yea you got a bad one. My neighbor gave me one a while back and I liked it enough to create an IPL with all chinook hops. First sample last night, yummy. Still needs a bit of lagering.

I wasn’t super impressed or anything, but it was alright. Plenty of hops, definitely not BMC. So yeah, guess you got a bad one somehow.

My local grocery has a ‘create your own 6-pack’ section, so I grabbed one of these and tried it today. I liked it quite a bit. Love them nice ‘C’ hops. And yet there was a malty background lager flavor. It’s a good combination, I think. I might spring for a whole sixer.

First time I got this beer at Craft Beer Kings. Gotta say one of the best beers I’ve ever tasted! I noticed Sam Adams is highly rated so that counts for a lot.

If you can get your hands one it, give Great Lakes Silver & Gold a try. Fantastic IPL. This one sets the bar for the “style” very high IMO.

I happen to live in Cleveland so I have endulged in a few 4 packs of this and have to agree. I haven’t had a whole lot of IPL’s in my life but it’s the best I’ve had. Better than the Double Agent IMO.

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