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Sam Adams" Cold Snap"

Hey brewers!..does anybody have a clone recipe yet of this fine Belgian white ale?? :smiley:

SA has the ingredient list for most of their beers on the Sam Adams website.

2-row pale and wheat malt for the grist; Hallertau Mittlefrueh hops; orange peel, plum, hibiscus and corriander for the flavorings. What!? they forgot the hazelnuts? :roll: Fermented with Sam’s standard ale yeast which can be purchased as White Labs East Coast Ale strain.

5.3% ABV

I’d start with a blend of pale and wheat in a 50/50 ratio in enough weight to get to the anticipated ABV with your brewery, try 5.5 lbs of each and 1/2 oz of a German noble hop @ ~3.5%AA. You’ll have to make some educated guesses for the spice/flavoring.

thanks for the info…never thought about going to the SA website…just went to the ol’reliable forum…soon to be brewing. :smiley:

Hello Bryan - thanks for the pointers…

I’m just getting started - I have two 1 gallon batches fermenting now. (Caribou Slobber and DR IPA)

could you expand on the ingredient list / recipe a little further - maybe help match to NB products?

I’m unclear on which type(s) of malt to purchase. Is it the dry or are you suggesting making your own malt extract?


Hey guys,
Gabe from NB here. I was just asked for a bit more of a recipe regarding this, and I figured I’d respond here rather than privately. Someone was looking for an extract version…

The tricky aspect of making a recipe for this is to get the spices and other adjuncts to match up nicely to match what Sam Adams has. IMO the base beer style without that tastes pretty straightforward and looks like it would be based on their description of the ingredients. On an extract basis, probably the closest you could get to it is by using 6lbs wheat DME and an ounce of Hallertau* at the start of boil.

As BryanH mentioned, the adjuncts will take some experimentation. You might be able to take a bit of a shortcut if you were not trying to copy the Sam Adams beer exactly, by fermenting with a witbier yeast**.

Generally speaking, you can use more Hibiscus than you might think, go easy on Coriander to start, and plum will ferment (also don’t go too heavy on this, as I don’t get a whole lot of that out of tasting it).

In any case, extract wise it’s going to be tough to keep the beer as light as Sam Adams does. Full boils will help, as will using dry extract as opposed to light. From a AG standpoint, I’d agree that 50/50 wheat and pale should work.

*bitterness will be pretty variable here, I’d advise adjusting based on the exact AA% of the hops you have.
**Instead of using W.L. East coast yeast, try WLP400 or Wyeast 3944. That’s going to exude a bit of a phenolic character that might match up nicely. Otherwise it’ll take a fair amount of tweaking, especially since they don’t disclose all of the adjuncts.

Best of luck! :cheers:

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