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Sam Adams Brewers Select

Picked up a 12 of this today as it is new and I am a sucker for all Sam Adams.

New brews include “Mighty Oak Ale” “Alpine Spring Lager” and “Whitewater IPA”

Long story short

Mighty Oak is OK till the finish, has kind of a metalic taste, also seems as if there was some rye flavor? Not bad, worth a try but don’t go out of your way.

Spring Lager was not bad, I usually prefer ales but this was pretty light tasting and plain but not bad. Nothing really stood out about this beer other than it was probably better than average.

Whitewater IPA was surpriseingly good. I enjoyed this more than the others and was really shocked. Before tasting I read the bottle that says “white ale IPA with apricot added” I had always enjoyed SA white ale but when I read Apricot, I thought “Oh no”. Definite IPA taste and the hops really come through on this, I really did not get the apricot flavor but it did end a little sweet so that must be where the Apricot comes in.

If you like SA then it’s worth a pick up. Whitewater IPA is definitely different in a beer market that seems to be copying each other.

I suppose the Whitewater IPA proves the old adage that one mans brew is another mans poison. I found the apricot flavoring overpowering and bordering on undrinkable. It did have a beautiful head. Won’t be drinking this one again.

I have always been a fan of Sam Adams as he is in my bloodline. This was an extraordinary beer soon after I had the mixed 12, I picked up the Whitewater 6r as 2 wasnt enough. We have all 3 new beers in 6s here…

After some Sam Adams Whitewater IPA (White IPA) 2nite…I like em… new ShockTop IPA to try later this week-end…

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