Sam Adams Boston Lager?

Anyone have a good recipe they can share?!

The host have a kit, though I can’t vouch for it.

Still to this day, that’s one great lager.

Very roughly, for 5 gallons:


5 lb American 2-row
3.3 lb American Munich
0.75 lb Crystal 60
0.5 oz Hallertau (60)
0.5 oz Tettnang (60)
0.38 oz Hallertau (10)
0.38 oz Tettnang (2)
0.25 oz Hallertau (dry)
0.25 oz Tettnang (dry)
Wyeast 2206 Bavarian Lager

Make a 3-liter yeast starter several days in advance. Mash at 151 F for 40 minutes. Boil for an hour and add hops per schedule. Cool and aerate well, pitching yeast and starting fermentation at about 50 F for the first week or so. When SG=1.025, raise temperature to 60 F for 3 days if needed to reduce diacetyl and sulfur and help the yeast finish up. When finished, crash to 40 F for a week, then rack and dry hop for another 4 days. Bottle or keg as normal.

I haven’t brewed this recipe yet myself, but it should come pretty close. Jim Koch first brewed this more than 30 years ago, so the recipe needs to be pretty simple and uses old-school ingredients, nothing too fancy except maybe for the hopping schedule, and even that is probably simpler than what I have posted here. But this should work.

I think they still do a decoction mash on this one. I made something similar to what Dave posted above. Ended up dry hopping during the d rest.

Thanks gents.
I remember reading about the Hallertau and Tettnang hops, a while back.
PS, holaday, when you brewed Dave’s recipe (or similar), where you happy w/ the results?
what yeast did you use?

Visited the Sam Adams brewery and they said they only use mittlefruh. 2row and c60 for the grain bill. I would add Munich if I were making it but they don’t, so I was told. Doesn’t really matter, daves recipe sounds good too.


BTW: I am pretty sure the current recipe is different (tamer) than the version from the 1990’s. I think it had higher IBUs (mid 30s) from what I have read.

I believe you are correct, they changed from 30 IBUs to 24 IBUs in the past 10-15 years.

The best Sam Boston lager I’ve tasted was at their Boston brewery. It’s not their main brewery they only brew experimentls at that facility. They also brew whatever they serve in the tasting room there. Maybe it’s the old recipe or maybe just because if was fresh but either way when I got home I put together a recipe to try. 9lb 2 row, 1lb C60, .5 mag 60, .5 mittlefruh 20, .5 mittlefruh 0, .5 mittlefruh dry hop 7days. It’s 30ibu

All grain,

I’ve made it twice and used two different types of yeast. 34/70 dry and white labs south German lager yeast. The 34/70 IMO accentuated the malt while the south German lager yeast accentuated the hops. Both were good and finished around 1.010.