Sam Adams Boston Lager - Floating White Blob

So, here is the story. I like to stock my bar fridge with commercial beer so others have something to drink if they aren’t interested in home brew, and also to stretch out my home brew supplies.

Sam’s Club often has sampler cases of various beers at really good prices, and recently I have been stocking up with the Brewer’s Choice pack from Samuel Adams.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a bottle that wasn’t capped properly, it had one cap on the side of the bottle then another over the top of that. I set that bottle aside and got another one while I finished watching a hockey game. After the game I took the messed up bottle to the kitchen sink and turned it over to see if it was leaking, that is when I saw a white blob of something come out of the neck of the bottle.

I wrote the Samuel Adams complaint line, but didn’t get a response to that after a week, so I posted a picture of the blob to twitter tagging Samuel Adams. That got a response from them telling me to write to them through their complaint system, which I had done a week before. Once I told them this via twitter, they said they would look into it. That was last week and I still haven’t heard a response.

I was just wondering what others thought the floating substance in this bottle is, which can be seen here: … vJFWymws7h

Also, what do you think my next course of action should be with them?

I would have tossed it & forgot about it. Not sure what you’re expecting with all the publicity? Chit happens with automated systems like bottle lines. Cheers!!!

Looks nasty. I highly doubt that there are many like it. In their eyes that probably happens .00001% of the time. Otherwise known as a fluke. I really wouldn’t worry/care that much. If you keep trying I’m sure they will refund you a 12oz bottle. Keep in mind that sam adams is a massive brewery, they probably have a lot of mail to filter through

I will give you 20$ if you drink that beer. And keep it down.

I’ll put another $20 in! You must youtube it though.


I’ve had failed packaging on products before and once I bought a bag of Bagels that had what looked like old axle grease on the bottoms.

Every time I have contacted a company, they wanted to know when and where you bought the product and then mailed me a coupon or two for some free product.

Who is it that tells the story about find half a mouse in a bottle of beer? It’s in one of the classic styles books but I can’t remember which one.

Wow, that is funky!

I think that was your golden ticket to the brewery tour, but it dissolved.

IMO give them a brake. Sam Adams is one of the good guys.

I am not sure if I would call Sam Adams a good guy. I am pretty sure that this is the most disgusting thing I have seen come out of any brewery since the last time I had a fat tire. They should have contacted you immediately. I know they “get a lot of mail,” but with tainted food, it is pretty reckless for them not to at least get in contact with you and warn you not to drink it.

skip the Email, call them directly. I’ve had a 100% success rate by calling. In the least, you will get a live person and a coupon out of the deal.

You mentioning that made me think of the great white north.
I haven’t seen the movie in a long time now but check out my avatar for reference.

Just thought I would follow up on this for anyone that actually cares.

I got a letter in the mail from the Boston Beer Company from the desk of Jim Koch at least it had what looked like a signature from him.

It looks like whoever got the note of my problem only really mentioned the bad crown on the bottle and not the blob floating in it. There was an explanation in the letter about how bottle crowning machines work and what probably happened. Included was a check for $17.

When you call them tell them to tell Jim Koch on my behalf “I’m here to drink g-ddamnit, stick to ALES!!!”