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Sam Adam Whitewater IPA

I recently tried the Whitewater IPA and I absolutely love it. I cannot get enough of it. It is my beer of the month. I hope they make it a regular.

I had this a couple days ago; yes, it is very good.

+1 real good

a very well made beer.

$hit. After four positive reviews, now I’ll have to try it… I’ll also pick up a bottle of Lat 48, which I know to be a nice, unique IPA. I love how they combine American and European hops in Lat 48.

I feel like sometimes Sam Adams gets a bad rap with home brewers because they’ve gotten so big, but just one look at all the different beer options they put out squashes that. They really do a good job. Lat48, Noble pils, Whitewater IPA… all newer and very good beers. Boston Lager is still a fantastic beer. Sure I don’t like some of the others with fruit and crap in them, but I never understood why SA gets bashed sometimes. Not specifically in this thread, but I’ve often heard home brewers bashing them a little. Maybe because they’re so big and main stream. Personally, I don’t care. They make good beer and are constantly coming out with new options. Keep it up SA!

All that and the fact that if it were not for them we might all be drinking miller light right now and thinking that it was awesome.

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