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Salvagable or drain pour?

My first time brewing and there were a few hiccups along the way. Forgot to use a blow off tube so that happened. Forgot to use Camden tablets. Also the auto siphon kept stopping so I had to pump it a few time and got air in my brew while transferring to secondary. Before bottling there was still a lot of cake on the bottom. I somehow lost a gallon and only had 4 to bottle. Two weeks later very low carbonation. The brew is cloudy. Tastes sour and is amber in color. This is supposed to be a dry dock apricot blonde. Looking for any feedback on any thing I did wrong. Can it be saved or is it a drain pour? My thoughts are the latter.

I wouldn’t worry about the blow off hose. There should only be outward pressure while fermentation is going on. IMHO you would have to work really hard to get enough O2 in your beer to oxidize while transferring.

Why the campden tablets? Real apricots or to treat your water for chlorine.

I wouldn’t dump it yet. Give it some time to carbonate and clear then try it again. Might help to get the bottles somewhere warmer if they are in a cool room. More homebrew gets dumped because of improper sanitation than the problems you had.


Dump it and try again. It’s only 4 bottles

You know I bet that’s what it is as far as the carbonation goes. I’m going to go ahead and let them sit for another week or two.

40 bottles is more like it lol.

If it’s only four bottles, I’d sample one a month until they tasted good, then finish the rest.

If it’s four gallons, I like what @hd4mark said as a starting point. If, after a month or two goes by and individual bottles are still bad, I’d free up bottles for other batches as needed, but still give some of the bottles time.

edit: posted 30 seconds after @Mojojojo replied. Too lazy :slight_smile: to edit the reply further.

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Yes 4 gallons not 4 bottles. I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Hopefully they turn out. Thank you

I’m sorry 4 gallons I’d wait it out

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