Saison yeast on brew toad

I’m working on a recipe on brew toad. 5.5 lb Pilsner 4.4 Munich 1.5 wheat. Wy3711 brew toad estimates .012 I as hoping to get it lower.

I don’t use brewtoad but chances are the yeast type is NOT taken into account in their ESTIMATE of FG. Afterall any brew program is just an estimate and FG can be influenced by many things including grain bill, mash temps, and ferm temps.

Of course your mash temp will directly affect your FG, but 3711 will most surely finish well below 1.012. I would expect closer to 1.005 and most likely lower. If you want to dry it out (you picked a great yeast for it), mash low around 146-148F for 60-90min. This is what I do with most of my saisons and 3711 will usually finish betwen 1.002-1.005 for me.

BrewToad is wrong. You’ll get below 1.005. Just be sure not to rush things. Saisons can take a good 3.5 weeks to get to final gravity.

I have to disagree. Maybe other Saison yeasts that I haven’t used, but 3711 is a monster. It will chew through those sugars in just a few days. Having said that, my SOP is to let most of my beers sit 2-3 weeks then keg.

After I posted I went downstairs and checked the saison that I first used 3711 it’s fermenting 2 1/2 weeks. It’s at .006 so I guess the toad is wrong. I’m going to harvest this yeast and repitch to my new saison.