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Saison Kit + Homegrown Cascade Hops

I purchased this kit:
recipe PDF here:

I also have Cascade hops growing up the side of my house. Should I use those? How much, and when? Should I omit the final 1.5 oz of Sorachi Ace, and replace it with 10oz of fresh Cascade? Should I instead add the fresh Cascade during secondary fermentation?

Is this a crazy idea to begin with, using Cascade? I understand that it will be a stronger hop taste/aroma, with less of the fruity Sorachi characteristics. It’s more of the

In general, I am a beginner. I have been homebrewing for about 10 years, but only made a dozen or so batches. I did try using fresh hops a couple times, and it has always come out way too weak.

Thanks for the beginner’s help!

Here are some photos of my hop plants, just as reference (two plants). Last time this was about the right amount for a single 5 gallon batch, but I have a bit bigger plants this time.

This is interesting. 1.5oz of Sorachi at FO is going to provide plenty of aroma. Additional cascade might push it over the limit.

I would brew this as is and use your cascades dry hopping an APA/IPA. Take your hops after harvest and place them on some screen. Flip them in the evening. This will allow them to dry.

The tough part of using yer own hops, is that its a crap shoot as to what yer going to get for AA help. With that in mind, best brew a beer, use a known bittering hop, then play with yer hops, especially cascade, for aroma. Late editions, FO, DH… You’ll hopefully find how much to use. Loopie has the best info tho, dry them first! Sneezles61

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A kit to brew a French or Belgian style beer with Japanese hops then add Pacific northwest hops. Truly an international beer.

Honestly I would not add the Cascades to that style beer.

Just wanted to follow back and say thanks for the advice. After doing a bit more research, I decided to brew the kit as it came. Tasted good so far going into secondary.

I am going to wait another week(s) to harvest my hops. Based on what I’ve read it will taste way to grassy if I harvest this early. I’m just paranoid because the last two years I waited too long and they went bad on the vine.

Anyway, I will dry, and since I have a vacuum sealer, seal and freeze. I will brew something a bit more appropriate for cascade and use them to dry hop.


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