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Saison IBUs

Hey guys just got all my hops weighed out and I entered everything in beersmith. So my ibu for a saison with a 4.3 srm came to about 10 ibus is that too little? I want the yeast to shine just hoping I have enough saaz and ekg so it isnt too sweet

I would double that 20ish with some later additions

Ah I just remembered that the farmhouse culture I have has lactobacillus in it. That must have been why I did that initially. I dont think it can survive 20 IBUs

The other problem being, I dont have any more haha. Just wondering how sweet it will really be. I’m splitting the batch with 3724 and the other will be farmhouse with brett and lacto. They should both finish around 1.005 or so maybe less

What about dry hopping the 5 gallons that arent getting the mixed cultures @squeegeethree ?

You could get a little extra IBUs but then you wouldn’t benefit from aging the brett in the bottle for extended time as the dry hop would fade or get weird long before the brett aspects mature.

Right I would be dry hopping the 5 gallons that arent getting brett

10ibus is pretty low. You can still dry hop your Brett beer by adding right before packaging.

Yeh I’m not too concerned with that half of the batch.

Just got done brewing about 11pm and I botched the batch. I think i used too much grain for my biab system. It was something like 22.5 lbs of grain and 13 gallons of water in my 15.5 biab system so I couldn’t recirculate. Tried step mashing for the first time as well and that went great with electric system. I think if I attempt any more more 10 gallon batches I’ll keep them at it below 1.050. I ended with 7 gallons and an OG of 1.035 and was suppose to be around 1.060 with 10 gallons. Might end up with a nice table saison. Oh well have to brew more to keep learning the new system.

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Just had the same thing with the Hef I brewed. Low OG , missed by about 15 points too. Not sure what the story was for me but at least you have some idea. Live and learn!

How long was your mash? Did you squeeze the hell out of that bag? Did you sparge your BIAB?

Are you saying you mashed with 13 gallons of water and only got 7 gallons of wort?

Yeh and a 90 minute boil. Didnt make sense to me either. Probably left about a gallon if trub in the kettle too

30 mins at 113 15 mins at 131 30 mins at 144 and 10 mins at 170. I use to squeeze but have been getting great efficiency on my new system with recirculation so I didnt think to do it this time but there was a good deal of liquid left in the grain as well. Kettle was so full that on it’s way up to 170 degrees it started dripping over the sides. No sparge.

I thought you were talking preboil. So 13gal minus 2gal grain absorbtion 2 gal boil off 1 gallon trub is 5gallons so that’s not that far off. At that rate you should target say about 13galons preboil so mash with 15 gallons for biab. Of course you can top up if you can’t fit all the water. But not with that low OG. Are you positive about the reading? Are you confident with your mash temperature? Squeezing is not going to gain that much

Not confident in the mash temps. This was my first time doing a step mash and I followed someone else’s instructions. There was a noticeably thicker amount of protein in the kettle after mashing though. I took 2 different readings and then checked the refractometer for calibration and it was on

Any possibility the wort stratified on you?

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I think those steps are a little odd in that you jump right from 144 to mash out temps skipping the standard 156 - 158F. I’ve been aiming at 122F for 30 mins - 140F for 30 mins - 158F for 30 mins. Squeezing the BIAB is not about increasing efficiency as much as it is about capturing lost wort. I am a convert to sparging the bag with 170F water at the end. I sparge with about one gallon of water that I pour from a metal tea kettle.

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Yes I agree you missed a step. That may be your problem. Next time try just starting with the ferulic acid rest at 113 and then bring it up to 150-158 for 60min stopping for the protien rest if you like then drain and sparge with the extra water you couldn’t fit in the tun

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