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Saison fermentation Wyeast 3724

On January 26 I brewed a batch of Saison. I cooled it to 52F and added Wyeast 3724, Belgian Saison. The OG = 1.056. It is now about 65-66F (on Feb 17). The airlock is still popping about every ten seconds. The krausen has dropped but a layer of white foam has formed. Is this normal?


With that yeast it is totally normal. That yeast benefits from a temp rise even above 80°. Even at increased temps it will take awhile to finish.

I use this yeast at least once a year. It works great at 90 degrees. I pitch at 65-68 and leave it in the garage for about 5 weeks, bottle it, and drink it when I am in the mood for a saison. I live in south Texas so the garage is hot from April to October. This sounds crazy, but the beer comes out clean, hoppy, and dry with a nice fruity nose. It has a slight spicy character, but no strong phenolics or off flavors. This yeast can actually quit working at lower temps. Don’t bottle it if it has not dropped below 1.010 or you will have bottle bombs. This yeast should finish out between 1.001 and 1.008 regardless of your starting gravity. I usually start mine at 1.052-56 and it finishes at 1.004.

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