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Sage advice from an old fart

Don’t build your rec. room bar around the refrigerator. When it dies after 22 years it is a pain in the buttocks to find a replacement. Picture below is of the 58X23 refrigerator that I converted to a dual tapper last year after I started kegging. Please note the 1/2" clearances around the fridge and note how smart I thought I was by adding the molding around it to match the wine cooler. Spent all afternoon last Saturday to find a replacement in Miltown that would fit. Holes drilled, taps mounted, a Keg of ESB and Speckled Heifer chilling.

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Seriously though, looks good despite the unanticipated hassle.

the worst part would be replacing all your old stickers.

looks good. go badgers.

bailyjoe, You pitched me the softball I have to take a swing. To parphrase one of the top ten movies of all time.

" Badgers we don’t need no stinkin Badgers"

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