Safale 05 yeast pitching temp

Was curious to see what temperature is best to pitch this strain of yeast at. The directions I received from northern Brewer stated under 78 degrees , however what I have read online suggested much lower then that. Was planning on fermenting in the basement with an ambient temp of 68 degrees and am making an American wheat. Thanks for the feedback!

US-05 will throw a peach flavor noticeable in lighter style beers and lightly hopped stouts when the fermentation temperature is below 65°F. It is best to pitch the yeast within 5°F to 10°F of the fermentation temperature.

It is better to cool the wort to the fermentation temperature or just below before pitching the yeast. It is easier to control the temperature of the fermenting beer from getting to high compared to trying to cool down an active fermentation that has gotten to hot from the heat produced by the yeast during fermentation.

Thank you for the input. So you would suggest cooling to around 67 or so before pitching since I will be fermenting in a 68 degree environment? The reason I wanted to cool it down so much is because at this time I don’t have a fridge to actively control fermentation temps. Thanks again!

I would pitch 05 cooler than that if the best you can do is ambient of 68 pitching at 67 will warm up fast and be over 70. IMO you should pitch in the low 60s so you get a day or two in the mid 60s as it warms up. You might want to use a swamp cooler to keep it in that 65 ish range which I think is the sweet spot for 05.

Almost all my worts are 56°F to 59°F when I pitch the yeast. Fermentations usually start by 60°F. Yeast is usually 67°F to 68°F when pitched. Never had a problem holding the temperature with a simple two stage swamp cooler.

Sounds good thanks again for the advice.

brewing dry stout (OG was 46). Pitched at 60F and allowed to rise to 63F (true beer temperature) by third day. Now raised fermentation chamber to 68F for remainder (two weeks total) of fermentation.

Oh ya, after aeration, I had pitched one pack Safale to cover surface of wort. No rehydration

The last Dry Irish Stout I brewed was with WY 1056, same yeast strain as US-05. Fermented at 63° to 64°F. This is when I found out about the peach flavor the yeast produces when the fermentation is below 65°F. Never noticed the flavor in my American Amber Ale or Dead Ringer IPA which would be fermented at the same temperature.

I fixed the off flavor by cold brewing some very strong coffee and adding a tablespoon to each 22 ounce pour.

That is pretty wild about the strong peach flavor. That might be something to shoot for in certain styles but probably not a stout ha so I will keep that In mind. You guys have been very helpful. Fingers crossed my kit arrives by tomorrow so I can try it out this weekend.

I made the American wheat extract recipe today and had a question about losing volume during the boil. I followed the directions and boiled 2.5 gallons of water then added the malt extract. After the wort cooled I added it too the primary fermenter along with the recommended 2 gallons of water. My concern was I still had to add about a gallon of water to get too 5 gallons and was curios if this was normal and whether or not it would hurt the outcome of the beer?

By end of Day 3, the stout had only dropped 1/3 of the way to final gravity. So to encourage full and complete attenuation I allowed the fermentation temp to ramp up from my aforementioned 63F to 68F (in a matter of hours). Hoping for a FG of 8-10.

Also, I have used Safale numerous times (admittedly not as low as 60-63F) and never noticed an adverse peachy flavor. I “have” noticed such undesireable flavor in its cousin though SAF04 English yeast. Never used SAF04 since.

Needing to add a gallon of water, per the instructions of having two gallons in the fermentor, pretty much mirrors the same boil off rate of my extract brews. You’re okay.

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