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S. eubayanus

Has anyone brewed with this strain? If so what style did you make and how were the results?

I am thinking of doing a schwarzbier, but am a little nervous of the attenuation of this strain. I may also do a 5L starter.

Do you have a place to source this yeast? I understand that it is hard to get, as there is a yeast bank in europe that sells slants but it’s hard to get it imported because it’s a biological thing.

I read that the Albany Brew Crafters club had been experimenting with it, and one of their members presented at NHC about using it. I have tried contacting the club (to no avail thus far) to see if they could send me a bottle or 2 of bottle conditioned s. eubayanus beer and I could try growing up the yeast from the dregs.

I too am interested in this, if you have a source on the yeast let me know!


Hi amreyes22,

I was given the opportunity through my homebrew club. From what I understand there are 100 vials that have been accounted for that were worked up through White Labs. If there are any left over I will PM you, but I will not know until early February.

I am very excited to work with this strain, but have reading that there is very low attenuation, so I will probably mash low and avoid many unfermentables and maybe slightly over hop to balance it out.

That would be really cool! Please let me know if I could get a vial. I’m in Canada but have family in Portland who could receive it and refrigerate it for me until I go down there to visit next. Obviously I’d pay for the shipping.

I’ve heard on some posts that its low attenuation and fruity notes lend it to being good for session beers. It would be killer to try an india session ale with it. i would imagine it would go good in an american wheat as well. i kind of have an interesting idea, a real throwback to the region where the yeast is from - patagonia), do like an american wheat with mosqueta or calafate berries (some tart berries of that region). i haven’t spent too much time looking but i bet some of the high end food stores might import jams or syrups of those berries; possibly just use for priming?

Thank you that is a great idea.

I will let you know as soon as I find out.


You might want to read this: ... 3/abstract

I think you need temperature control for this yeast - it is a lager yeast, unless I am missing something here.

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