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RyePA experiment

I just ordered the ryePA extract kit…I like the schedule for the Denny’s Wry Smile, but I have some stuff on hand that I thought I would use and see what happens by just using the ryePA kit.

I have 4 pounds of clover honey, 1 pound of brown sugar or corn sugar (I can use either), and 10 or so ounces of cascade leaf hops that’s want to use up. Now, my questions are when I should make my additions of extract, hops, sugar and honey.

Here’s what I had in mind…let me know what you think

0.5lbsBriessCaramel80 - 20 minute steep
First wort hop - 1 ounce Cascade
3.15 rye malt
60 minute addition - 1 ounce Summit
30 minute addition - 2 ounces Cascade
25 minute addition - 1 ounce Palisade
20 minute addition - 2 ounces Cascade
15 minute addition - 1 ounce Palisade and 6 pound rye malt
0 minute addition - 2 ounces Cascade and 4 pound honey
Dry hop addition - 2 ounces Cascade

It won’t use up all my hops, but it’ll be fun. As I’ve said in my previous posts, I still pretty new at this, but I thought it would work. I thought I’d post it here before I acted and don’t plan on brewing till this weekend, so let your thoughts fly!

Oops…didn’t mention the sugar, but it would be added the same time as the 3.15 malt

Thats 9.15lb of rye syrup. And even at that I think 4lb fo clover honey is too much, thats going to be 25%+ of fermentables. Let alone adding sugar. You generally want to keep sugars (including honey) under 20%, really for this beer a pound would be adequate. A big part of the rye is the mouthfeel and honey is going to thin that out.

Otherwise the hop schedule looks tasty, I’d throw that last ounce in with the other dry hops.

Cool, thanks…I’ll lose the sugar, and some of the honey. I like taste of the rye, and hadn’t really thought about the mouthfeel. I did know it would thin it out, but I thought that rye extract was pretty malty.

I had a few squatters hop risings when I typed this up last night and guess my math was a little off (I thought I would have 3 ounces of my cascades left) haha. Good idea on the last ounce for dry hopping.

I was also under the impression that since I was adding so much more hops I would want to balance it out with either malt or honey/sugar, that’s why I had added so much.

Any other thoughts.

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