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Rye Pale Ale Draft Recipe

Looking at an RPA with available ingredients. Thinking of bittering with Amarillo ), but don’t know about aroma at the end. Suggestions appreciated. Hops on hand are Cascade, US Saaz, Northern Brewer, Fuggles (only 1 oz), and Herkules. Key thing is I don’t want to overpower the rye malt. Have also thought about NB for bittering and Fuggles for aroma but obviously that is entirely different character. Draft recipe is below:

7 lb: 2-row
2 lb: Rye Malt
1 lb: C40

IBU @ 30 with Amarillo (or other?) for bittering and something for flavor or aroma
Yeast: SA-05
Desired OG: ~1.052

That recipe is somewhat similar to the rye lager I brewed today:

5.5 lbs pale malt
3.3 lbs rye malt
2 oz acid malt

1/4 oz Magnum 60 min
1/2 oz home grown mystery hop 20 min
1/2 oz home grown mystery hop 10 min
1/2 oz home grown mystery hop at flame out
Yeast: 2206

The “mystery” hops taste similar to goldens with that very flowery overtone, but have essentially no bittering potential. I’ve no idea how this will turn out, but like you I didn’t want to overpower the rye, and thought the light floral charactor would complement it.

I was originally thinking of Crystal for bittering and aroma and might try to get some in a few weeks. Really like that hop and it is mellow enough not to overpower the rye/.

I think that rye is pretty substantial and can stand up to hops pretty well, especially at that ratio. I used Cascade for bittering and some for aroma on a RyePA and liked it a lot. Go for it!

Crystal is a nice hop; sounds like it would work well.

I’m partial to RyePA with a citrusy hop character, so given what you have on hand, I’d go with Amarillo for bittering, then Cascade for a late addition or two, then dryhop with a half-oz of both.

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