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Rye malt

Any one using rye malt. Me never used it before. I can get some. But is it not the same as biscuit. What i read. Rye kind of sweet flav

We make a rye. Kind of sweet with a little "bite to it. I saw a description of spicy somewhere used to describe the flavor. I really like it. I always add rice hulls to the mash when I use rye to avoid a stuck sparge. We were just talking about brewing one as well.

I’ve used it quite a bit. I recently made a 50% rye saison and it was very interesting but not for everyone. I noticed a lot of a what I assumed is protein settle in my bottles and the beer was completely different if I allowed that bottle trub into the glass. I eventually found this goop undesirable.

I think a little goes quite a long way to making a more complex malt profile

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Its subtle enough that I won’t use it with any other specialty malts… Rather let it shine above the base malt… Its been a while for me… Maybe, add to a Miabock? :confused: Sneezles61

I’ve been adding it to my saisons of late. I used to make a rye IPA with amerillo hops that was good

Rye is earthy and adds a lot of body and head retention, even better than wheat. I use it a lot.

I made a rye porter a few years ago that was excellent. The Bulleit Rye Whiskey didn’t hurt it any… The base was kind of sweet but earthy and a bit spicy. When I added the whiskey soaked oak cubes it got crazy good.

Actually still have a few bombers…may have to open one tonight.

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Maybe should get a bit try it in a saison. Next year

Using Chocolate Rye today in a stout.

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