Russian River Temptation Clone Question

Hi All… I am using the following recipe to make a Temptation clone: ... tion-clone

At the end they give instructions to do a “Poor Mans Barrel Aging”. The way I read it the oak would be in the beer for about 9 to 12 months. That seems like a really long time. Thoughts? I am I reading it wrong?

I have never oak anything before but everything I have read usually talk days or weeks not months.

That method is fine, but one suggestion I would make is to microwave the oak cubes in a cup of water for about 30 seconds and dump out the oaky water. Then proceed with the wine/oak infusion. Russian River doesnt use new barrels so this should get you in the wood flavor character ballpark better than using brand new cubs and wine

You could also soak the cubes in some sherry/bourbon/what have you for several weeks if they are new oak to leech out some of the tannins. In any event, do periodic tastings, and when it’s ready, get the beer off the oak regardless of the time. Don’t get stuck on six or nine months…let the taste determine the aging time.