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Rupture ipa

Was looking at a recipe for Odells Rupture IPA and apparently they mill whole hops before adding them to the whirlpool. Has anyone tried milling pellet hops before adding them? Wondering what this would bring to the table

Would that be running them through the grain mill? What difference would that make?

They are milling the hops. When using whole hops you want to bust them open so you can get to the lupulin inside the hops. This will yield better extraction of the oils. I dont normally use the mill to do this. The blender or food processor works great for this.

I was thinking a coffee mill. But you don’t think it would work with pellets? I thought maybe bust them up would mean more surface area. I’ll try it with next year’s harvest

The great thing about using the blender is sanitize it blend the whole hops in there. Then add alittle wort from your kettle before whirlpool blend it and pour back into kettle and start your whirlpool. Yeah pellets wouldnt work the same

The cryo hop powder would give you the closes thing to using real whole hops put through a mill or blender

Yes. Was just browsing r/home brewing on reddit and saw that post. It will be interesting to see the outcome. Appears to look a lot like a meat grinder.

Nice way to begin aerating the wort prior to pitching too.

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