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Rum Soaked Cacao Nibs

Brewing the Ace of Spades Black IPA all grain kit, but want to add a slight chocolate and vanilla flavor to it. Brew day when well, hit the target OG of 1.069. Used a yeast starter and had active fermentation for 4 days. Plan to let it sit in primary for 3 weeks. I intend to soak 6 oz of cacao nibs and 2 vanilla beans in Dark Rum for 1 week and pour flavored rum into secondary 7-5 days before putting into keg. Any thing wrong here???

Also, adding 12 oz. of 87 proof rum has to bring up the ABV slightly, right? Any way to calculate that?

I’m not sure how to calculate the new ABV but your method for adding nibs is spot on. It seems that as long as you soak them in some form of spirit it helps prevent infection. I soaked 8 oz of nibs in vodka with a vanilla bean for 2 weeks and it turned out great in a Chocolate Milk Stout. Sounds like you’re gonna have a great beer!

Thanks, I was planning only a week of soaking. I’ll try 2 weeks and see what happens.

I assume that a week or even a few days would be fine. The only reason I waited 2 weeks was because the yeast wasn’t finished.

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