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Rotten egg smell with a Lager yeast?

Brewed a munich helles with Old Bavarian Lager, I pitched ample amounts of yeast, oxygenated, and have kept my temps in the correct range. I have brewed this same beer with the same strain of yeast and didn’t detect this sulfur/rotten egg smell during the other ferments. Should I be worried? I have detected this aroma before and each time the brew ended up perfectly fine, but not with this yeast. I know that this isn’t the most popular yeast so many may not be familiar with it. Are there other reasons that a beer ends up like this? I am 7 days into the lager ferment and I am 85% or so complete, so I have started the diacetyl rest, hoping that it clears this up? I brewed a Dos Equis Ambar clone with this yeast previously and used the slurry for this batch, but didn’t have any rotten egg smell in that batch?

Not unusual for any lager yeast. Sounds like a healthy fermentation so the aroma should dissipate over time.

My lager fermentations always smell eggy. You’re fine.

Very common occurrence. About 90% of the time, the sulfur disappears completely about 3 weeks after bottling or kegging. Occasionally it takes longer than that. But it always disappears with sufficient aging.

Thanks guys!!! I was hoping that was all that it was. Didn’t know if there was something else that I may be missing. It tasted fine, other than the fact that so much of what you taste is connected to what you smell. I made this before and took it camping and it was a huge hit, so this time I made 25 gallons, so I can’t have that going bad on me now can I? I will try to remember to repost, but it sounds like things are going to be fine. :cheers:

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