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Root Beer kegging

I’m making a batch of home made root beer for my kids. While they are ecstatic about it, I’m pretty excited to try it myself. I hope it comes out with good taste.

Instead of using yeast to carbonate it, I’m going to keg it and use co2.

So can anyone suggest what PSI I should be looking at for root beer? I guess I would like it on the fizzier side like most commercial root beers seem to be.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Carbonate the water first. Once the syrup and sugar get in the keg, it’s a pain to carbonate. Carb the water in the keg. Cool the syrup so it’s the same temp then add it to the soda water you’ve made. You’ll need a ton of tubing as you’ll need to carb it at about 30 to 40 lbs - assuming it’s in a fridge. Some here may say dedicate the keg to making rootbeer from that day forward. I’ve replaced the O ring and cleaned the keg out thoroughly and followed root beer with a saison that was rootbeer flavor free. Replacing the O ring will be required for sure though. Having on tap is a fun idea, but I’ve decided to make it in 2 liter bottles with a carbonator on top: less hassle.

Interesting. Thanks for the advice and input. I definitely would not have guessed it would have to be carbed to 30-40 psi!

36-40F 30psi and about 35’ of bev line will carb it properly and make for a good pour.

Once kegged, is there a time limit before rootbeer will go bad? I did a batch in a new keg and it was FOREVER to get it carbed. I’ll try the suggestion to carb the water first next time. It has been about 3 months. Will it go bad over time?

Like any food product, a non pasteurized Root Beer will spoil. Keep is as cold as possible and you will be fine.

To help get it carbonated, shake the keg when ever you think about it.

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