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Root beer extract

Today I am going to brew root beer with my children. I am not going to do it all from scratch. I am using root beer extract. And that got me to thinking, how would root beer added to beer be? Has anyone tried it? Thoughts?

Not quite sure. I know Sprecher Brewery makes an alcoholic Root Beer and it is absolutely delicious. I’m planning on trying to brew it at some point.

I think it’s one of those things that must be tried. I have not ever made a small batch. this may be a chance to try that.

Straight fermented root beer probably wouldnt taste so great. My reason for saying this is people been making root beer a long time if it was good some one would be doing it. If I were going to try it I would try to make a regular beer and back sweeten it with root beer.

I’ve had root beer liquor

The stuff was pretty amazing. --fairly expensive as I recall too.

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