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Roasting drum for specialty grains

Hey everyone! I’m new to the forum and relatively new to homebrewing. I’ve been roasting my own coffee for years now and started my own business manufacturing roasting drums for the homeroasting crowd. A while back I got an email from a fellow homebrewer asking if these drums could be used for roasting grains. The perforations in the drum were too large for roasting grain so I thought why not make one with smaller holes and try it out. After some trial and error I discovered it works great for roasting grain.

Is there anybody out there interested in a product like this for roasting grain?

Any chance of telling price, quantity per batch and process details? Thanks

Website is here
for more information. We sell 2 sizes, a 2lb and a 4lb drum. Prices are $125 and $185. We also have a roasting guide on our website that explains the process.

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