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Roasted barley

Hi all. Im in the middle of a Guinness clone and I’m not sure if I screwed up the mash or boil. I’m doing Brian and used roasted barley along with flaked barley.

Here my issue. I put both the roasted barley and flaked barley in the mash with the Maris otter. I noticed that in palmers book that he is steeping them in the couple of stout recipes, not mashing. When I went to The fermenter, it was kind of a gunky mess.

Long story short. Was it a mistake to mash the roasted and flaked barley?

Mistake in post. I’m doing a Guinness clone

Nope, it’s fine. You’ll get more roastiness and bitterness from mashing it, but it won’t ruin the batch. It’ll still be a good dry Irish stout, even if it has more roast than Guinness does.

I sometimes add the roasted barley right at the end of the mash, with like 10 minutes remaining. It contributes mostly color at that point. But I’ve done it both ways, and it’ll turn out fine either way.

Edit - flaked barley should be mashed. Unless you want to leave starch in your beer, which you don’t with a DIS.

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Thanks pork chop. One other question. I loaded up on Maris otter because I’ve read that roasted adds no ppg. Same for the flaked. I’m not sure that’s the case but was hoping to get clarification. Cheers.

No, they both add ppg to the wort. You won’t get much of any fermentable sugar from black malt or roasted barley, but flaked barley/wheat/oats will convert with some assistance from your base malt. But they don’t have any enzymes of their own.

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