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RO Water for Extract Brewing

I see posts about not recommending Reverse Osmosis water for all grain brewing but what about extract brewing?

I live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and we are on a deep well that is high in minerals and while OK to drink does not taste the best. We have an RO system that I think makes the water taste better than bottled water.
I just upgraded the RO system to store more so I could easily pull enough from it to brew with but I have been told RO may not be the best brewing water.
I am only doing extract brewing at this time and have been using bottled water with very good results. Is it worth trying the RO water on my next batch?

RO can be great brewing water… here’s my take on it.

For extract? Straight distilled or RO is perfect.

For all grain? Distilled or RO, with minerals added (look into Brunwater if you want to learn more).

The one caveat to this is to make sure your RO system is maintained well.

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I agree with @uberculture. Not sure where you read that but it’s wrong. Extract is manufactured with water that contains the correct minerals so they are in the extract. Actuallly, if you have a high mineral water it can cause off flavors as there will be too many minerals.

RO water is great fir all grain as you can build the exact water profile you want.


RO and distilled water are great for extract brewing. Don’t use RO or distilled water for rehydrating dry yeast though. The lack of minerals will damage the cell walls of the yeast. Your well water would be perfect for rehydrating dry yeast.

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