RIS Primary length question

How long does everyone recommend keeping a russian imperial stout on the primary yeast cake? It’s been about 30 days thus far for mine (which has an OG of 1.100… I haven’t checked its current gravity). I was considering transferring it to secondary, today, and letting it sit there for another 60-90 days or so. Thoughts?

i generally do 1 month also.

I went 36 days primary, 117 days in a brandy barrel, then kegged for additional aging on my last RIS.

Thanks. I feel reassured that it’s probably been sufficiently long in primary. I’ll transfer it tomorrow.

I transfer my RIS to secondary to bulk age @ 3-4 weeks as well.

I would check the gravity first - you may need to rouse the yeast and let it go another week.

I brewed an RIS Sep. 29 and racked to 2nd on Nov. 3, that’s about 35 days. The beer is in a glass carboy and I’m going to re-yeast and bottle around the new year holiday. I mostly keg but I like to bottle beers like this for longer storage. I went from 1.097 to 1.024 with WY 1332 rinsed yeast slurry, that’s around 9.5 abv. Now that’s a winter warmer.

Hoppy Holidaze !

30 days.