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Riptide pumps

May finally buy a pump and I’m thinking Riptide. I don’t brew often and don’t have a fancy set up,but i,m getting older and not wanting to move so much water lol. I guess my question is how many different ways can I use a pump? And what different set ups,valves etc. To do it thanks!:beers::beers:

I like my pump very much… I recirculate all while mashing… Clearer wort! Transferring is nice… Whirlpool at the end of the boil…
I’ve got all 1/2" stainless steel fitting… 1/2" silicone tubing… 1/2" cam locks, ease of connecting stuff up… My pump sits lower than my kettle again, ease of priming and such… Once you get a pump… You’ll get creative on how to use it… When my pump poops the bed… I’ll have a rip tide too!

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I got a Riptide for Christmas and absolutely love it. Fast and quiet! All 1/2" stainless cam lock fittings and silicon tubing as @sneezles61 mentioned. I use it to whirlpool, transfer and clean my Unitank.

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