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Brewed Dead Ringer IPA, extact. No time to do a starter. Used 2 packs of 1056. Packs were relatively new, with a production date of about a month prior to pitch. When pouring wort into primary, I used a wire strainer, so not much hops in the primary. Racked to secondary to dry hop and also because the primary I was using also seves as my bottling bucket, which I needed.

Boiled about 2 quarts of water. Cooled it and dumped it into primary and swirled away. Poured it all into a large glass container, sealed it an put it in fridge, expecting to see is separate out into three layers. After several hours, only only two layers, beer and yeast. Next day, same thing, but with more beer that earlier. Yeast looks uniform light brown in color. There is a lot of it. I was expecting three - four layers. From top to bottom - trub, some dead yeast, nice viable yeast, beer. All I have is two layers.

So, do I have pitchable “slurry”, rinsed yeast or what. Do I need to rinse it again with a much larger volume of water to separate out the dead yeas cells?

It will be a few weeks before I am ready to brew again. Just bottled a batch yesterday and have two other batches in fermenters. So, the yeast will sit for a while.


I would pour about 1/2 of the water/beer off it. Then shake it up and pour 1/2 into your next batch.

What you want to do is catch it after the first darker layer forms at the bottom (trub) and the upper liquid layer is still full of yeast. Pour off the upper liquid layer into smaller mason jars to then let those settle out. When I pour the slurry from the primary into my 1 gallon jug and put it in the fridge, it usually only sits for 30-60 min before I then pour it off into smaller mason jars. That gives enough time for the trub to fall out but the yeast will still be mostly in suspension. That’s what you want. You don’t want all the yeast to drop out and sit on top of the trub. Because then there’s no real point in rinsing. If you’re going to do that you shouldn’t even bother rinsing.

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