Right Temp for fermentation?

This is my second batch of beer and I’m a little concerned about the temperature in which it’s fermenting. I brewed on Saturday and pitched the yeast. The activity in the airlock was good for about 24 hours and then settled down. Now the activity has slowed significantly to about a few bubbles per minute. During the first 24 hours the fermometer was reading 76-78 F and the ambient air temperature in the closet was about 70 F. I’m assuming the fermometer was reading high because of the active fermentation. After the activity in the airlock has settled the fermometer is reading about 72 F (which is a few degrees higher than the actual ambient air temp). I am brewing the Caribou Slobber extract with the Danstar Windsor Ale yeast. The optimum temperature for this yeast is 64-70 F (as indicated on the packaging). If I’m fermenting at the high end (or a bit more) of the optimum temperature; will this cause problems with my beer and its fermentation? Or will this just speed up the process?

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Your fermentation temp will usually be 5deg or so above ambient temp. You will want most yeasts to ferment in the high 60s. You will have a sped up process as well as some off flavors that are produced by the yeast at that temp. I’m sure it will turn out fine, but it can always be better.

In addition to that you likely have fusel alcohol (the hot sensation). Ferm temps are just as important as ingredients. If you can’t have temp controlled ferm chamber then research swamp coolers to help control the temps.

Thanks for the information. I’ve already got my eye on a wine cooler on craigslist to control the fermentation for the next batch.