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Rice Syrup Solids vs. Flaked Rice

I have a recipe for a Standard American Lager and the grain bill looks like this:

2 lbs 2 row
2 lbs 6 row
1.75lbs rice syrup solids

But when i got to talking with the guy at the LHBS, he told me flaked rice would be just fine since it is cheaper. So we replaced the solids with 3.9 lbs of flaked rice. But now doesn’t that make my recipe like over 60% rice? Is this still gonna be a good recipe?

No, it’s 48% rice but that is still a lot unless you are trying to make a Budweiser clone. If that’s your intent leave it as is, if you want more of a CAP style then cut the rice back to ~20% and add more malt.

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