Rice Hulls

[quote=“Templar”]But then wouldn’t you have to consider the density of the solution? Coffee not being as dense reacts differently. Dissolved sugar is another story.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of actual chemistry though.

But like I said, at the end of the day, we’re probably talking a change in gravity at 0.00001 or less. Hardly something that you need to plan for. If you soak your hulls beforehand, no change is needed. If you don’t, add a bit more water to account for the loss to the hulls.

Or, just don’t use rice hulls. I didn’t need any in my batch sparge hefe and it was 50% wheat.[/quote]

I agree 100% that either method will work fine.

My point was that un-soaked hulls are not going to soak up wort causing a loss of extracted sugar to the brew kettle. I mean, they’re going to cause some loss of sugars but no more than soaked hulls will.

Personally I need rice hulls in my system, but yeah if you don’t need them of course don’t use them.

Edit: and to be clear, I’m not saying the sugar is lost in the rice hull itself. It’s lost in the small amount of liquid that stays with the rice hulls after lautering.

Boom! Nailed it! Since going to Denny’s braid set-up, I’ve found rice hulls to be completely unnecessary. Last brew day, I made a saison with a significant amount of rye, no issues. :cheers: [/quote]

Yeah, I’ve gone as high as 40% rye and never had a stuck runoff.

The main reason I soak them is to rinse them. Those things are nasty and I don’t want that in my beer.

yeah, that, too…especially that!

Ok I will concede that point!