Revised shipping policy

Northern brewer has a revised shipping policy. Shipping Information

Unfortunately it says " due to the ever increasing cost of shipping as well as our commitment to having the most competitive prices in the market, we are not able to offer free shipping on orders including clearance items, wine recipe kits, floor corkers, and bulk sacks of grains.".


Our host isn’t the only one having to deal with shipping costs… I’m lucky that I can buy sacks of grain from our local brewery… but their cost has gone up as well…
The old saying…”there ain’t nothing free” seems to still be usable…

I’m not sure if that’s new. I think those items have been excluded for some time.

I think @loopie_beer is correct. There has been a disclaimer on large items for as long as I can remember when free shipping is offered.

No its relatively new. Back in January, I ordered 10 lb grain and one wine kit and was charged 0 for shipping. Yesterday I went to place an order for two wine kits (~$200 each) and was charged 19 dollars shipping per wine kit. I cancelled the order.

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plenty of places still do free shipping not sure why NB should be different.

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I think that sums it up right there