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Reusing Dry Hop hops in next brew session

So I saved the 2 ounces of Mosaic leaf that I had just dry hopped with and put them in my freezer. I was planing on using some at various stages in my next brew. I assume I can get all my bittering still but I wonder about some of the other oils. Anyone do/try this reuse?

Nah. Probably not worth the trouble

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This was becoming popular in the hop crisis. Not sure if anyone I know actually tried it.

I remember the discussions about that, but I never tried it either. The consensus if I remember right was that reusing was fine for bittering, but not much else.

Well I used them. We’ll see in a couple of weeks. Nothing to report now as it all smelled, looked and tased normal during the brew day.

ZAP!!! Sneezles61

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