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Reusing brett yeast bottles

Is it safe to clean and store bottles that contained Brett yeast for future use? I clean them but do not sanitize until I’m ready to bottle, and they will be near my equipment unsanitized, maybe it’s not worth taking the chance?

If you have a good supply/resupply of bottles you could just toss (recycle if available) them.

Otherwise, I would be inclined to give them a soak in a bleach/water/vinegar solution. If you have a large tub, mix 10gal of a 1oz/5g/1oz solution. The vinegar lowers the ph of the bleach to make it a better disinfectant, also a no rinse solution.

See the March 29, 2007 edition of Basic Brewing Radio.

Then re sanitize before use.

I hit my Brett bottles with a small amount of bleach in water for 1-2 days, rinse the hells out of them, and sanitize at bottling. never had a spontaneous problem.

Thank you guys.

You can sterilize them in the oven. John Palmer has a chart on dry heat sterilization. I use 285F for 3 hours.

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