Reuse of mixed culture

Wondering wether to reuse the lacto/Brett/sach slurry I harvested or pitch fresh dregs. It kind of smells and looks like sour dough starter now. Haven’t seen @porkchop here in awhile, I know he worked with sours as well as @squeegeethree

The lacto part will most likely not carry over. The Brett/sach part is worth it though. If you rally want the lacto balance I would target that as a fresh addition.

A little history. Brewed a 1 gallon starter beer using some crooked stave dregs then pitched that to a cranberry saison on top of Wy 3711. Came out very nice. Built up some dregs of the cranberry sour and pitched that into to secondary of another saison and blended in some Pinot noir. Came out great also. I think I’ll dump that slurry I saved and use the dregs from the bottom of the sour Pinot saison keg into the secondary of a kriek. I have some cherry puree.

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You can reuse it. BUT!!! you probably won’t get the same flavors as the orginal pitch due to the the brett and sach having built up lots more. The lacto will carry over as long as is healthy and you pitch enough that you are below the hop tolerance. BUT!!! The lacto not going to have a a lot to feed on that way… if i was you i would pitch a little in lacto and give it alittle head start and then pitch you slurry

Last time I pitched that dregs to sour a gallon then added it in to the main beer with some extra fermentable wort.

Have you seen the imperial yeast batch sour batch kidz? I just made a stout and pitched this into it.

That sounds very nice. I soured my rum barrel Porter once and it was a fantastic beer. Always planned on making it again but haven’t gotten to it. I’m not actually sure what I’ve captured here but it has been making some nice beer

What do you think about just not cleaning the keg and push another beer into it. Not sure what it would sour though unless I didn’t let it ferment out. Last time I boiled a 1/2 gallon of water and steeped some Quaker oats and fed it that when I added the sour starter.

Or add some maltodextrin

I wouldnt use what left in the keg dont think you would get the flavor you want that way. . You could step pitch. Under pitch first. Then in 3 days add rest of your pitch. Lacto does reproduce faster than sach. That would give it alittle head start and allow it to sour before the larger amount of yeast eats all the sugars.

So pitch the dregs and then pitch the sach after 3 days?

Yes that will work the best to get some sourness

I have never gotten the lacto from a repitch mix bag fermentation most likely its because of pH.

The slurry has what looks to be a pellicle cap on it

Picture please!!!

Smells like my sourdough starter. If I was making bread I’d use it in a heartbeat

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The problem with repitching mixed cultures of Yeast/ Brettanomyces bacteria and lacobacillus. Is that the cell counts of each of them are multiplied. The Brettanomyces and yeast will continue as they normaly do although there is probably some morphology of the brett. Still the same strain but might produce different flavors from the orginal pitch. Lactobacillus on the other hand does reproduce faster than both of them but its competing with the yeast for food when pitched together. When pitching from a slurry one factors like hops from the previous beer or hop oils and debris still remain in the slurry inhibiting the futher growth of lactobacillus. By Step pitching your slurry the fight for food is a little more even. Giving the lactobacillus a chance to do what it needs to and reproduce without the stress and and hop oils inhibiting its growth.

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That’s beautiful !!!

Maybe so but what do I do with it

I’d use it either step pitch if you want some sourness or pitch it all and let it do its thing. Just depends on what you want.