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Reparing a Mill

Ive been having trouble with my cereal killer lately not biting the grain. Took it apart and cleaned it a few times to get it to crush. This time i flipped the rollers figuring the were worn down after 6 or 7 years of hard use. Sure enough It works like a charm although I need to run my drill in reverse. Anyone no if replacement rollers are available or should I just watch for the sales and replace it

Watch for sales and replace it. I’m not sure if this economy will allow it but there have been some sweet deals on crushers and burners on NB over the years. I think I got my crusher for $60-$80 with some NB deal. Could be mistaken

How hard would it be to chase the grooves with a triangle file?
Perhaps I just would tinker like that first before giving up…

Mayby a small steel head brush in a drill. This might work. But on otherhand buy a new mill. Sometimes cheaper than fixing

This us the only mill I see for under $100. Does anyone use it?

I’ll keep running mine backwards for awhile after that I’ll spin it and try to touch it up with a file like suggested. The teeth are spiral so if i spin it and rest the file in the grove it should run out across the rollers. I’ll inspect the teeth with a magnifying glass next time I get it out. Ill bet ive run over 2000 lbs of grain through it

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