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Removing hop bag’s from fermenter?

Hello I am using a 6.5gal big mouth bubbler fermenter an I put 3oz of dry hop’s into a hop bag (this is a northeast ipa) with some weight to sink it. It’s been there for 5days now an I am trying to figure out the best way to retrieve the hop bag?


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Indeed rack the brew.

Tie a piece of monofiliament fishing line to the hop bag and a wine cork. Sanitize the whole setup before using. Works like a champ. I use this as a dry hop setup in kegs as well.

Usually you put the hops in after fermentation is almost done so generally rack to a keg or bottle bucket. If you don’t think it’s done just leave them not going to hurt anything

I have the most fun putting a bag in the mouth of the corny keg… Putting in 4-6 oz of cones, then purging… followed by racking the brew into the keg… Its all very great stuff, did I say, very great…? Now when the keg has fried… no more hop juice drips from the cones… See how long you struggle trying to get that sucker out of there! :confounded: Sneezles61

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