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Reissdorf Kolsch

Anyone ever try Reissdorf Kolsch. I got to say it is one of the best kolsch I have tried.

I’ve tried it a few times. It is good for what it is… not a fantastic beer that will blow anyone away with it’s greatness, but certainly not bad. I think I’ve tasted better homebrewed versions, perhaps because they are fresher. But it is definitely nice now having a real Kolsch commercially available to compare against, because previously you could only buy a real Kolsch in Cologne, Germany.

I have to agree with you Dave. I have tasted better homebrewed Kolsch, and being fresher is with out a doubt better… This beer was surprising though!

Decent on tap, can be old if bottled. Sunner Kolsch is even better if you can find it young in a bottle (haven’t seen Sunner on tap).

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